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Coldie 3D Art

Proof of Work 2018

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This physical artwork has become iconic in the emerging crypto art space as an early example of cryptocurrency theme artwork.

This is a signed and numbered edition of 25.

Printed on Hahnemühle William Turner 100% cotton watercolor, acid-free fine art paper.

*Physical artwork only. Does not include digital ownership.

(Backstory of the NFT)

The animated NFT version of this artwork was originally tokenized as ERC-20 on R.A.R.E. ART LABS on September 26, 2018. The edition of 10 went unsold for over a year. I decided to burn all unsold tokens on October 30, 2019 when ERC-721 became the technology standard for NFT tokens. Then reminted as animated 1/1 and sold at Bonhams & SuperRare: CryptOGs, The Pioneers of NFT Art, June 21st-30th 2021 for $100k+. 

8" x 10" (edition of 25)
16" x 20" (edition of 25)

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